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Prayer and Praise Sunday–For those who wait.

The Duo has been home for SIX months now.  Can you believe it?  Like I have said before, it feels like an eternity and a blink of an eye all at once.  We celebrated by sending their birth mom some pics.  They arrived on the day of the anniversary (we didn’t plan it that way).  She saw how happy they are.  She saw how well loved they are.  She’s still sad.  It’s the mixed blessing of adoption.  All of us are family now.  We’ll get through it together.

As I look around at my large family, I’m awestruck at what we went through to get here.  It’s unreal.  The waiting, the praying, all the times when it felt like it was NEVER going to happen.  Believe me, during that month long stretch in Ghana, there were many times that I thought we weren’t going to get here.  Sometimes I see random posts from friends on FB who know of or are working with people who are adopting through AAI.  These families are waiting, and waiting and waiting.  Sometimes, I know people who are adopting, whether it is through Ghana or not, and they are waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  

Today seems a good day to pray for you.  I’m praising, as always, the God who sent my children here.  He must have a really big plan for them.  And, for those of you who wait while feeling hope fade, I’ve been where you are.  The feeling fades when you get to hug your children every day.  God has a big plan for your children too.

who thinks no child, or family, should have to endure this.

2 thoughts on “Prayer and Praise Sunday–For those who wait.”

  1. Wow. It has been six months, hasn’t it? I stayed in bed this morning for a long time remembering our month in Ghana and feeling really amazed and grateful for the miracle that adoption is. As a mother of four bio kids and one that was adopted, I can emphatically say the depth of love for all five is the same. They may get here through very different ways but Hope is so much a part of my heart I feel like she has always been here. Thanks for reminding me of our anniversary. You’re a great friend FPM…


  2. Oh, the waiting! It drove me crazy. It wasn’t the length, but the fear that something would happen to her before we could get her home. If she was there nad we were here, we could not keep her fed, safe or healthy. Now that she’s here, I think we should have been more afraid than we were! Our road was not particularly difficult compared to others but I reached the very end of my rope a few times. When your child is thousands of miles away, you can’t help but worry. Kara is so right- the love is just as big no matter how the child comes to your family. Sometimes one who you never expected to be there steals your heart completely!


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