The Wonder of the School Bus.

Shy Guy is obsessed with all things transportation.  Buses, boats, planes, trains, etc.  If it moves, he LOVES it.  When he found out that Kindergarten in the U.S. affords you the opportunity to actually RIDE a bus for field trips, he was SO excited.  He talked of little else when it came to Kindergarten.  Reading?  Whatever.  Gym class?  Who cares!  The school bus…ROCK ON!  Well, his day has come.  He came RUNNING in from school yesterday waving his permission slip like a flag of honor.  He’s going to the pumpkin patch.  He babbled for a few minutes about how excited he was.  He could hardly be still.  Then, he told me he might be a little lonely on the bus, so he asked me to come along.

Attachment…we have arrived.

whose heart is about to burst.

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