Darling Danny.

The FullPlate Family has fallen in love with this little boy. His name is Danny, and Middle-Middle would like to bring him home. He thinks he looks just the right amount of mischievous. We would bring him home in a heartbeat if we didn’t already have this full plate. Maybe you have room on your plate… and in your heart?

Danny is in foster care in China currently. He is supported by Love Without Boundaries, one of those fantastic organizations in the sidebar on the right. He looks great, he looks well cared for. And…he loves cookies. Who doesn’t need a mischievous cookie-loving little boy in their life?

who is delivering another message from Middle-Middle…”Danny’s hair ROCKS!”.

2 thoughts on “Darling Danny.

  1. I just happened by your blog. I really enjoyed reading through some of your posts. I appreciate your heart and passion for the fatherless and needy. Your children are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story.Kelly from minus1project.blogspot

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