A Double Edged Sword.

Blogging is totally a double edged sword. I get so many wonderful, supportive emails and comments. Other people send in ideas that help my kids. Sometimes I’m blessed enough to get comments telling me that what my kids are going through has made them realize that their child needs some help as well.

Sometimes I get comments that aren’t so helpful, the kind that ask if my kids should even be here. Helpful? Not at all. This isn’t helpful to anyone. Sometimes, these people are brave enough to put their name on the comments. Sometimes, they aren’t. Either way, they’re foolish. And, I won’t address them again. My kids are here, getting the help they need. If you think they belong in Ghana, well, you need to gain some literacy skills and read back through all they’ve been through. There is most definitely a plan for them here, it involves a large amount of healing.
The aforementioned comments aren’t the reason that I took down the last post. I think that in my grief over the whole thing, I might have invaded Giggles’ privacy a little. Giggles will now begin the same journey that Bubbly is on. One that involves lots of therapy. Hopefully, hearing what we’re doing will help others. I got so many emails yesterday from people with children from all over Africa who are in the same boat I’m in now. They’re children have been exposed to things that we all wish they had never seen. We’ll work on healing their hearts together. It helps me to know that, as a parent, I’m not alone. The entries that are purely for the purpose of documenting, or venting frustration, will be archived as drafts. Trust me, Bubbly has her fair share of those type of posts labelled under her name.
I’m sad about the whole thing, because I kind of thought my plate was full with all of Bubbly’s therapies. They are her main extracurricular activity now. I guess Giggles will join her in these activities. And, our plate will just get a little more full.
who is very thankful for all your support.

4 thoughts on “A Double Edged Sword.

  1. From another Mom with a full draft folder, I’m sorry. People who make comments like that rarely know what they’re talking about. It doesn’t stop them from putting their ignorance into words, though. Those who have walked the path know better. People who are dealing with similar issues understand the need for support and comisseration. Your kids are right where they belong. I am so sorry and so sad that your beautiful girls have so much to recover from. I want to scream NOT FAIR just about every day for all of these kids who are carrying around such heavy burdens. Giggly is brave to share hers with you, and I know you will make it up this mountain together and come down the other side hand in hand.

  2. Walking the path with you. People who don’t understand really should hop on a plane and spend a few weeks getting to know the ‘culture’ that our kids came out of. Then they should bring a child home and be part of their healing process. Eating (tears, sobbing, trauma), bedtime (fear, tragic stories night after night, more sobbing) leaving home for anything (transition issues, more sobbing). Then after a year of working through these issues they should take a good look at the healing that has taken place, the difference that this new healthy safe life has created and then ask themselves if the kids should be here. HMMM, seems like a no-brainer to me.Don’t ever doubt what you have done, of course your kids are right where they should be.Lanae

  3. Thanks Lanae. It struck me as I was crying this through with Giggles two nights ago that she was telling me stories that I had heard before, from you and Comfort. I was sympathetic to your pain as you told the stories to me when I got home with Giggles, but now I’m actually walking the same path that you did. I’m sorry that I was told to disregard them before. Comfort’s stories are Giggles’ stories as well. Had I known, this might not have blind-sided me quite as badly.It gives me strength to know that you are making it through each and every day. I know we’ll do the same, one step at a time. You’re right, my kids are where they need to be. Thanks again. –Becky

  4. I missed the post – but I can’t imagine anyone could be so cruel and heartless to even think they could say these children don’t belong here. Yes, it is exhausting and difficult – but like Lanae said there is healing going on. These children are right where they can heal and grow up with a chance in life!!!

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