You are the Apple of my Eye…

Between all the events and unpleasant discoveries of this weekend, we did manage to squeeze in something that all the kids have been looking forward to for WEEKS. Apple picking!!! You should have seen the Duo. They had asked about the apple orchard for days ahead of time. When will we go? They will let us just pick their apples? We will have to pay? Do you have money for it? Will the apples be red or green? Oh my gosh! The questions were endless, just like they are with every new activity. All of that is okay with me. I get to see how happy they are about trying all these new things. Here are some highlights… 

The Diva prefers to have someone else do the actual picking for her.    
Up in a Tree.
Quality Control.
Brotherly Teamwork.
Final Inspection (the really good ones didn’t make it past this step).
Bubbly just skips around, I don’t think she picked one apple.  She just loves to be in the action.
Look at my little apple pickers!  You’ll have to excuse the Diva, it was nap time.
All done!  Did you know the Duo had absolutely NO clue what a pumpkin was until the Halloween buzz began.  

who thinks that pumpkin carving might just be the next big adventure.  

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