Middle-Middle is the KING of forgetting things.  Lunch bags, snow pants, boots, jackets, etc.  All forgotten at some point.  Some of them were recovered, some weren’t.  We have had to impose a “consequence” for forgetting the item now.  It involves him paying for it.  I don’t have money to shell out for a new lunch bag every week.  So, you lose it, you pay for a new one.  Natural consequences and all.

This morning his lunch bag and his jacket were MIA.  Cue the tears at the thought of having to pay for both of them.  He THOUGHT they were both in his locker.  But, he still cried over the possibility of them not being there.  Sad.  FPD, all the rest of the kids, and one sobbing M-M got into the car to go to school.  I received a text from ShyGuy’s teacher, who was M-M’s teacher last year (yes, he texts me.  The man has had three of my children, three years in a row in his class.  He has three more to go.  He and the FullPlateFamily will be BFFs when we’re done with kids in KG).  The text is a picture of two matching jackets.  He wonders if they are FullPlateBoy’s jackets.  See how famous the boys are for leaving their stuff behind?  He knows of our newly imposed consequence, so he’s concerned.  I reply that these aren’t our jackets, but I tell him the story of sobbing M-M and his missing lunch bag AND jacket.

A few moments later FPD and I receive this picture text…

The message with it is “no worries Middle-Middle”.  The man went and found M-M’s locker and looked in it for him to make sure he didn’t have to worry any longer about his precious allowance being gone.  FPD handed his phone back to M-M to show him what his former teacher did for him.  FPD reminded M-M that he owed the teacher a big hug.  His day began on the right foot with no more tears and his precious lunch in his lunch bag.

who wants to give a big shout out to all the teachers out there.  You think that the little things you do don’t mean much, but THEY DO!!!!

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