I Wish I Could Take It All Away.

There are so many people who have been hurt and wounded by what happened at my children’s former orphanage in Ghana, so many families lost their chance to bring their children home, and so many children lost their chance at having a loving family.

I get emails asking me what to do for these kids.  I get emails from would-be adoptive parents asking for any information.  I get emails from organizations who used to work at the orphanage asking me for updates on the kids.  I don’t get a whole lot in the way of updates.  This hurts people’s hearts.  I’m so sorry.  I wish I had better news.  I wish I could tell you that the children who fell prey to Luckyhill were happily reunited with their families and that they are all well.  There was a reason they ended up at Luckyhill, and only very few of those reasons had to due with the child actually being eligible for international adoption.  A lot of the reason they ended up there was simply because they were in a vulnerable position, usually because of poverty.  This doesn’t necessarily make them adoptable.  It was a sad lesson that we all learned in the most heart wrenching way possible.

The not knowing is horrible.  Children that were such a large part of all of our lives are just out there.  But, most of them aren’t with Kingsley now.  A lot of them are going to better schools.  I tell myself this, but somedays, it just doesn’t seem like enough.  I wish I could take away the pain of Luckyhill for everyone.  For my daughters, for the fellow adoptive parents that I have come to call friends, and, most of all, for the kids that were abused there.

I can’t share updates here right now, and like I said, they are few and far between anyway.  I’m sorry about that too.  Ghana is a country of contradictions.  It is beauty and desperation, it is joy and pain, and it is happiness and horrible disappointment.  Luckyhill was one of those HUGE contradictions.

who wishes she could make it all go away today.  

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