Prayer and Praise–Sunday.

I’m praying for the families who are waiting for their children this week.  Whether from Ghana, or from any other country, we’re praying for you always.  My prayers are also with one of my children’s friends in Ghana.  She needs some guidance right now.

This week is HUGE for praise.  We saw the miracle that is adoption when a family who has been waiting FOREVER got to bring home a little boy.  Yay!!!  He’s gorgeous.  After last week’s events, Giggles and I are doing well.  She has reached the stage of “nervous” attachment, and won’t leave my side, but that’s better than no attachment at all.  ShyGuy is doing better too, he is asking for help more, and really becoming dad’s buddy.  He is super attached to his brothers too.  He and ResponsiBoy are like peas and carrots.

We’re also praising news we got yesterday.  In the adoption world, we all know that adoption expenses are eligible for a tax credit.  That tax credit became refundable this year, meaning you get ALL the money back regardless of tax liability.  BUT, even better yet, we found out that CARRYOVER credit from past adoptions is also refundable.  This means a big refund for us, which means less worries about how to pay for seven college educations.  We will be re-investing it all in our children’s education, even though FPD would really like a new pair of running shoes.  He thinks it would be the truly American thing to do to stimulate the economy with just a little bit of the money.  I am a saver (remember the ‘cheapest woman alive’?…Hi Busaths!!!  Who are the only other family with a contender for that title).  Go cheapskates!!!  

who won’t tell FPD what to do, the man probably deserves new running shoes.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t use them to run away from all the chaos!!!

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