I never thought I would be one of those moms whose child needed “services”.  I never thought I would be one of those moms who would complain about how hard it is to get those “services”.  I got a denial letter for Bubbly’s occupational therapy (OT) today.  Do you know how badly she needs this OT?  Look at pics of her last OT session.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger smile on her then when she is getting exactly what she needs.

Bubbly in her “cocoon”.

Hiding out in her tunnel.
She flies through the air with the greatest of ease. 
Dropping from her trapeze into her happy place.
So, the bottom line is, she needs this service.  Our school district says she doesn’t qualify through the school system because she isn’t two standard deviations below their normal developmental standards in TWO areas of development.  In the sensory area, she is developing atypically, but she isn’t delayed in the gross motor, fine motor, speech or behavior categories.  They don’t consider her delayed because of this.  
Our health insurance allowed the OT at first.  Now they are denying it because they say they have reviewed her records and they believe that the OT is required because of a developmental delay.  So, because she isn’t delayed enough she can’t get services through the school district, but because she is perceived as “delayed” she can’t have services through our health insurance.  What is going on?!?  
Yes, my daughter has trauma in her past.  She has PTSD.  She has a vestibular sensory processing disorder.  Is it from her trauma and her past?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Will it impact her future if we don’t do something about it?  Definitely.  It will impact her ability to learn in a classroom if she can’t find strategies to deal with her need for sensory input.  I need to get her OT so I can teach her those strategies.  I DO NOT feel she has a delay currently.  Does she process things in an atypical manner?  Definitely.  But, she needs intervention, or she will be.   
Here is an example of how NOT delayed Bubbly is.  Here is Bubbly’s latest project from today.  I gave her some shapes and asked her to make me three matching pictures.  Any picture of her choice.  I thought she would make a larger diamond, or a big square, something simple.  Honestly, I just wanted whatever she made to match.  I thought that she would need some major help with the concept of actually creating something matching.   She can find matching pictures, but to make her own pictures match, that’s taking it to another level. 
She took the shapes and thought for a moment.  Then she very carefully made me three matching boats.  It took her about 10 minutes to get it just perfect.  She sat there, thought about it and then did it.  She’s THREE YEARS OLD.  I don’t want to brag or anything, but my “delayed” daughter does geometry with purpose and planning.  And, she does it well.  
But, while she does geometry, she still eats her crayons when she thinks no one is looking.  
Go figure.  

who feels frustrated today.  

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  1. I have a child who receives “services.” Nowhere near what I think he needs, or what I think would help. But we have to fight for every stinking little bit. It seems backward to me, that kids who could succeed with such simple and successful therapies are denied them, but still expected to compete in school with kids who have no trauma, no issues, no perceived delays. Our kids fail academically, because they cannot function without these simple tools that the school itself will not provide access to. But what about the day that Bubbly goes to school and does not eat the crayons? That’s an “A” for her! A rarely recognized grade and it has no bearing on her “success” in school. But look at Bubbly. Look at what she can do, in a caring and understanding learning environment! She’s a little bundle of brilliance masked by a cloud of trauma. It frustates ME to hear that she is being denied what she needs to move forward!

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