Bullies, Blogging Apathy and Bullet Points.

We’re going with bullet points today because I am seriously drowning in the laundry pile that the kids have created for me.

  • I DETEST bullies.  Hey bully!  Do you see this boy below?  In his 8 years he has done more than you’ll probably do in your whole life.  He has raised money for other people’s adoptions, prayed as his brothers and sisters came home and helps me with my work in Ghana and China all the time.  He is one awesome kid, and you’re picking on him?  What a foolish kid you are!  
  • I have a little bit of blogging apathy.  Not too much going on here except dealing with bullies, feelings (oh the feelings, I’m SO sick of feelings that I’m over having emotions at all) and working on adoption stuff for upcoming Orphan Sunday (which I do NOT have apathy about. SO EXCITING!!!)
  • This was quick and easy.  I may have to blog with bullets more often.
who is all about whatever is easiest today.  

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