Down on the Farm.

ShyGuy got to ride one of these for the first time in his whole life.  I told him that it might not be as exciting as a tro-tro (where if you were lucky you got to see the highway speeding by you…through the hole in the floor of the vehicle!!).  He disagreed and thought it was totally AWESOME.  
His class spent the day on a farm, complete with pumpkin patch.

 And hay rides!

And tractors!

And goats!  Oh wait, for a boy from Ghana, not so exciting.  He saw them and shouted “EH!  We have those in Ghana!”, then he walked away.  I made him come back and pose with this one for old time’s sake.

He was pretty thrilled by the John Deere tricycles though.  He’s been able to ride a two-wheeler for a long time.  I’m not quite sure why these were so fun, but we’ll go with it.  

He had a BLAST!  Good times with a great KG class.  He totally loves his “American school”.

who totally loves her ShyGuy.

1 thought on “Down on the Farm.”

  1. EH! A school bus is just a tro-tro on steroids. Well, a tro-tro with brakes and A/C. I laughed so hard at his indifference for the goats. You can tell ShyGuy had a great time at the farm.


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