An Update from Ghana.

I get a request for updates from Luckyhill quite a bit.  I don’t know much, I’m sorry.  I do know that as of early this week Kingsley was in Buduburam, at home, doing his usual routine.  For those of us who are looking for some sort of grand justice, I don’t know that it will ever happen.  We need to focus on our children and the children that were left behind.  

Kingsley is still running Kings International School, although he now has about 1/4 of the students he had previously.  For some kids, there just is no other option for an education.  Sad.  We’re trying to change that.  We have for quite a few of the children.  It took a long time to “build” his school, it will take a long time to get the community to understand that there are still other options.  This is all I have in the way of an update.

I don’t know anything about adoptions.  I’m sorry, I can’t help you.  I know there are many people that email me looking for adoption advice.  My last adoption was a mess.  I shouldn’t be giving anyone advice.  It was done completely improperly and without full knowledge of the proper authorities.  I was able to fix it with the help of some really kind Ghanaian people who never asked for anything in return.  I was able to obtain full approval of Ghana before leaving the country.  However, my children’s paperwork was a source of concern in regards to immigration in the U.S. for MONTHS after we arrived home.  Thankfully, I think that is over now and we are on our way to finally being able to re-adopt Giggles and ShyGuy here in the U.S.  My route is not the route I would recommend to anyone.  I am grateful for my children, but hurt by the path we traveled to get to them.

I have said this before, and I will say it again.  AAI is the only agency that I have personal knowledge of in Ghana.  I can’t speak AT ALL to how the process is now.  We arrived home with our Duo SEVEN months ago today (I know…can you believe it?!?).  A lot has changed in that time.  I would suggest contacting Anita, AAI’s Ghana Coordinator, directly if you are looking to adopt from Ghana.  She has always been honest with me about where things stand with adoptions in Ghana.

who thanks you for understanding.


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