Handmade for Halloween.

Oh my gosh, what a lag in posting!  Sorry for those of you that were nervous.  Nothing is wrong here at FullPlate Manor.  We’re just super busy prepping for Halloween.  I know some families don’t do Halloween.  We do it all out.  We use it as a time to be kids all over again and as a way to celebrate community with our neighbors.  So, we’re prepping for that.

And, lately, we’re all about handmade.  We’ve been crafting up a storm!  It was like it was meant to be when we received some handmade thank you gifts from a family we have come to love.  They have been through a horrible ordeal and are still committed to finding the children that are meant to be in their family.  They have strength that I could never even imagine having.  Their children totally didn’t need to thank us, but my kids were thrilled.  They made us sent us a beautiful package of Halloween decorations that will grace our home year after year.  We used every item in the package.  It went with our usual Halloween decor just beautifully!

These cute hand-cut and framed spooky pics no adorn our hallway.

Black candles on our seasonal candle holder in the kitchen.

A hand sewn ‘Trick or Treat’ banner is the first thing you see when you walk into our home.

Here it is with its accompanying window decoration stretched across our back windows.  
I’m blessed to have come out of Ghana with such good friends.  My kids have roots to the community where their lives began, right here in their new homeland.  We all lost a lot, but seeing new families come out of the ashes is a true blessing.
whose heart feels full today.  

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