Business As Unusual.

I’m totally destroying any pretense of anonymity that I have left.  Ah well.  I’m super proud of how this article turned out.  It says a lot about what it’s like to be a large adoptive family.  We’re not as weird as you might think.  Our life is business as usual for me for sure.  But for others, I can see why we might seem unusual.

Here’s a link…

Make sure you watch the accompanying video.  You’ll get to hear my actual voice and this is where I address the “race issue”, which is often not addressed, but just left as a large elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.  Psssttt…it’s okay, my kids know that they’re black.

who feels really proud to be an adoptive mom.

3 thoughts on “Business As Unusual.”

  1. I loved it, LOVED IT! It was so much fun to see and hear all of you “live” after all of this time in still pictures and emails. You did a wonderful job, whereas I would have been terrified. I’m not sure which accent I enjoy more, Wisconsin or Ghana! I can’t wait to show Efia, she will be so excited to see her friends again. You are so right about the “elephant.” I don’t think people believe how okay our kids really are with their multicolored families. I appreciate people’s efforts to be sensitive and discreet around Efia, but she figured out long ago that we’re all white and she is black, and she thinks it is awesome! Kids handle it all so much better than adults. E is still young and we may see the day where it isn’t so cool to be different, but we’ll all get through it together. It is rather amusing to meet her friends at school and watch them try to figure out how her beautiful brown skin matches up with my glow-in-the-dark whiteness. My favorite was when I met her (also black) BFF and her eyes went wide before she said “My Mom is white like you!!”


  2. Becky, I love it! And oh, I miss your kids. You and Joe are doing a great job parenting your brood of seven. They’re smart, polite, well-behaved, giving–everything we all want our kids to be. They couldn’t have picked a better family to interview.


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