Bubbly is tucked away safely at her new preschool where they can’t kick her out and the children come from all walks of life, so she should be in good company.  With an episode of Max & Ruby to entertain the two that remain at home, I’m taking some time to sit down here and update.

First of all, the African itch has got me bad.  No, it’s not a communicable disease.  It’s the itch to travel again.  I miss Ghana.  I miss crowded markets, little babies with the darkest eyes tied to the backs of their mother, and people shouting “obruni!” (or sometimes “white chicken” depending on the situation).  I miss it.  It’s not time to leave my kids, but I have the itch FOR SURE!

I had the baby itch last month.  That is gone now.  THANK GOD.  But, other people in our lives are having (or adopting) babies like it’s goin’ out of style.  So, Giggles and I crafted up some baby gifts.  We made wash cloth cupcakes.  You roll wash cloths (we also put in a bib or two) into cute little cupcake looking creations.  You pin them and put them in baking cups inside of a bakery box.  Here’s a visual.

We put a pretty little headband in the center of this box.  It’s very girly, just the way Giggles likes it.

Here’s a pic of the boy version that we spent to a special friend who had been waiting a LONG time for her special little guy.
We stuck a toy to the top of this one.  Also a girly creation by Giggles.

Giggles and I have been writing to each other, per the helpful recommendation of a reader on this blog.  I get much more love this way.  And, all this writing inspired her to write a letter to her BIRTH MOM.  I know!!!  Can you believe it?  ResponsiBoy and I have formed a book club to carve out time together.  He and I each read the book independently and then we get together to have treats and discuss.  Middle-Middle and I just butt heads (he’s just in a phase, no real concerns there.  The kid can just be an argumentative poo-head sometimes.  FYI:  that’s a phrase that has been used on me.  I’m recycling it because I’m so green y’all).

whose two loves for today are hot chocolate and french vanilla marshmallows.

2 thoughts on “Crafty.

  1. Where does one find something so fab as french vanilla marshmallows? My M-M prefers the term “butt licker.” You can imagine how I feel about this term of endearment, although I am tempted to re-use it sometimes too. On adults.Last, but not least, the cupcakes are ADORABLE! What a cute idea, and especially cute presentation. I always have the baby itch, further proof that I am not quite right in the head anymore. Same goes for the African Itch.

  2. I have an “argumentative poo head” also. He is 7 going on 25. Hoping it is just a stage. As for the baby itch….always have it, maybe always will. The African itch…. it is easy to fall in love with the children, a little more difficult for me to imagine going through the process again.

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