World AIDS Day.


Today is World AIDS day.  For many people, this day won’t mean a thing.  For many of us, our every day world is largely untouched by what this disease is capable of.  I, however, had the honor of being a pediatric HIV/AIDS Case Manager before I moved into my current position at the hospital.  I say it was an honor, because it was.  I learned from people who had to have amazing bravery in the face of stupid ignorance.  I met women who had immigrated from Africa and told me stories of what it is like over there for their family members to live with this disease each and every day.  But, I also met young pregnant women who were born here, in the U.S.  Some of them had no idea they were positive when they became pregnant.  They were scared, a lot of them were alone, and some of them were very sick.  I learned a lot about courage.  I got to teach them what the future would hold for them (a long and happy life), but I also got to learn.  Now is your chance to learn.  AIDS is no longer a death sentence.  It’s time to let others know that too.   Want to learn more?  Click on the button at the top.  

As a side note,  today is also the 55th anniversary of the day that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white person on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.  Here was a woman who did something that seemed small, in the face of such ignorance.  She had no idea what she had started.  Maybe someone out there will be inspired to do something small today, never knowing what impact it might have on the future.  

who encourages you to stand up today.  

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