Ghana, Juliana

Long Time No See.

I have been absent from blogging for a long while.  The Christmas season is upon us, my house is under construction, and the kids are just plain busy.  But, they’re doing great.  Bubbly is LOVING the structure of public school.  She’s really excelling.  I guess my free wheeling child-led preschool just wasn’t doing it for her.  Makes sense when you think about it.  She was never given any structure at the orphanage, she made very poor choices.  If she’s not given structure, she reverts to those poor choices.  So, we’re taking it back to the beginning, she doesn’t get any choices for awhile until we work on making better ones.  Public school doesn’t offer a lot of choices.  The kids are given an art project to do.  They do it.  They’re told to go to gym.  They do it.  There’s no room for poor choices.  It sounds like the wrong way to learn, but it works for her.

I waited so long to say anything about her success because I was afraid to jinx it.  I feel confident in saying, we’ve found what works for our daughter.  Do I expect backslides?  Heck yeah.  But, she can do it.  I know that now.  We can have school success, which will hopefully lead to a happy life for our little Bubbly.  I’m so proud of her.  Here’s what she’s been up to…

She’s a total snow bunny.  And, it’s snowy up here, so she’s happy.
I have one more update to give.  Those of you who know where Giggles, ShyGuy and Bubbly came from will know that there was a news story in Utah about the fall out from the not so ethical adoptions that were done there.  I’m not going link it.  If you’ve followed this blog, then you were probably involved with the orphanage and you can google to find it.  
It’s important that the truth was told.  I think it was.  While I wasn’t involved with the news report, I won’t lie and say I didn’t know about it.  I didn’t have anything to do with bringing this story to the media.  I wasn’t asked for information and I wasn’t interviewed.  A lot of families lost so much more than I did.  This is their story now.  I have my kids.  I’m grateful for that.  I also want them left out of it.  I want ALL the children that came from that orphanage left out of it, those that came last year and those that came over a decade ago.  The children who are left behind, and the families who were forced to leave them there, need justice.  But, the ones who are here need to be left alone to heal from the hell they came out of.  I would never comment about children’s personal stories online.  Never.  I hope the same respect can be shown for my children.  
who wants everyone to think about the kids.  

2 thoughts on “Long Time No See.”

  1. Purple is definitely her color! Of course, I’ve never seen Bubbly look anything but beautiful, in any color. Let’s just say that my Ghanaian princess does not share the love for the snow. Neither do I!I really don’t know how I feel about that story. We chose not to be interviewed. I guess I feel like you do, they need to be left alone, and so do we, so we can all move forward. I was also not willing to risk causing harm to anyone still in the process of bringing their kids home.


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