Angels We Have Heard on High…

The kids had their Christmas program yesterday at church.  For Giggles and ShyGuy, this is their first Christmas in America.  They are so excited.  ShyGuy can hardly wait for the presents.  In an attempt to not create a greedy American child, we haven’t given him any presents that he hasn’t purchased with money he earned, like from doing chores, except for on his birthday.  Same deal with Giggles.  It was hard.  Our families wanted to buy them everything.  Now he’ll get presents!  The other kids are really good at balancing out the excitement over the presents, with the real meaning of Christmas.  Church is helping him with that a lot too.  Giggles is WAY more excited about the traditions.  She is so into decorating the tree, making the cookies, reading Advent stories.  She loves it.

She beamed at the idea of being in the Christmas program.  Then we told her that Bubbly would be included this year.  Then they both got the news that they would be angels.  There was some snickering from FPD and I.  Giggles plays the role really well (sometimes TOO well, she can be a little bit of a brown nosing people pleaser), but Bubbly just doesn’t fit your typical angel mold.  As Giggles complained, I reminded her how hard Bubbly was working.  She shut up real quickly when she saw me come to Bubbly’s defense and tell her that Bubbly is “my angel”, and that if Bubbly hadn’t come that I never would have found her either.  Conversation over.  We obviously have a long way to go to make these girls feel like “real” sisters.  I’m hoping that in time, as memories of the orphanage fade, Giggles will forget what Bubbly was like to live with.  Or, that she’ll make the connection that what she saw Bubbly go through might explain some of these behaviors.  The love for Bubbly just isn’t there yet, and I can’t force it.  I also reminded her that lately, the Diva’s behavior has been far less pleasant.  She reluctantly agreed.

This year, the FullPlateFamily cast was made of two angels, three shepherds and a king.  Giggles pulled it together and REALLY helped Bubbly during the program.  She helped her into her costume, got her where she needed to be, and did all the things a big sister would.  I’m proud of Giggles.  I’m even more proud of Bubbly.  She held true to her promises to be “really good” if we let her do this.  She did great!  She stood up on that stage, in full halo, and acted just like an angel.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of anything in my whole life.  She, FPD and I did this together.  No amount of professional success, all the A’s in the world in grad school and all the money in the world won’t ever top seeing your wounded little bird come back from the hell she’s lived through.  The journey hasn’t ended, but the road just got a lot less bumpy.  My own, personal, Christmas miracle.  Consider my stocking full.

who saw no evidence of nose picking during the Christmas program.  What’s a good Christmas program without one of the preschool age shepherds or angels digging in their nose like no one is watching?  I tell ya, it’s practically a Christmas tradition!  And, it’s funny, when it’s not my kid.

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  1. Your kids (esp. the older ones) might enjoy listening to the story “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” – it’s a pretty fast read (I think it was something like 1 hour on audiobook, maybe even 45 minutes). Glad you had such a nice program!! 😀

  2. Hi FPM,I still love to read your blog whenever you post and am glad you are having time to enjoy Christmas. Today I am laughing that from my blog, on your blog roll to the right, there is a picture of our dead hamster! I will post a new post tomorrow so that you and your readers won’t have to look at it much longer!:)Merry Christmas!

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