Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  All 40 presents have been opened (it took FPD and I until 1am to get them all where they needed to be) and the children are playing happily in our family room with more new toys, books and games than they ever could have hoped for.  Giggles and ShyGuy think that they are the “happiest children in the world.”  They might be right, but I am definitely the most blessed.  
Last year, Bubbly laid at Santa’s feet and attempted to kick him in a fit of rage.  She had to come home and hang with me.  She was so sad about that.  She had “spoiled” her Santa picture.  That picture isn’t in our “Santa album”.  Instead, there is a picture of her and I.  Being together was what mattered most at the time.  
Look at her this year!  She had a HUGE fit before we left to go see Santa.  In the past, this would have lasted 2-3 hours.  She would have raged to the point that the rest of the day would have been ruined.  This time, she pulled it together in under 30 minutes and she managed to “make better choices” so she could see the big guy in red.  Oh what a difference a year (and lots of therapy) makes!  She was a little nervous about him, but agreed to stand with her big sister!   Yay for attachment.  She very politely told Santa what she wanted, and this morning, there it was!  A brand new black Bitty Baby.  She is in seventh heaven taking on and off all the outfits for it.  I’m so proud of her.  I also have to point out how nice all of the kids look, except the Diva, with her characteristic crabby face.  And, I have to point out my goofball in the back!  Oh, GigantoBaby, how many years will go by before we get a decent picture of you again?  I told the photographer NOT to take another one.  This one let their little personalities shine right through.
I’m so proud of all of them!  I’m going to ring in the New Year with peace in my home…finally!  My Christmas wish for all of you who read this, and have children who are healing their hearts, is that you find some peace in your homes in 2011 as well.  
who says “God bless us, every one!” in her best British accent.

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