When Dreams Do Come True…

I remember last year, at this time, we were so close to getting Giggles and ShyGuy that I could taste it.  We made what I prayed would be our last annual trip to Florida without them.  We planned for them to be there with us in 2011.  I booked a bigger condo, and even bought them “My First Visit” pins to wear in the parks this year.  
We visit Disney World every year.  I made this same trip as a kid.  I’m a giant sucker for this kind of stuff.  I love watching my kids really believe there is good, happy magic in this world.  I love that they actually believe there is a place in this world where dreams really do come true.  
After all, my dream came true… I had all seven of my kids with us this year.  
Three of my guys with Stitch.

My three princesses.

Riding the Golden Carousel.

I can’t believe how grown-up she looks!

This one says she is no longer my “baby”.  It kills me. 

We salute you too, Gigantobaby.

When did she get shy?!?

My other dream come true.  I love you, FPD!

All in all, a great vacation.  Too bad it’s below zero here now.  No worries though, FPD is outside building a seven foot igloo.  INSANITY!

who will not be participating in playing in the igloo.  FPM and cold do not mix.

One thought on “When Dreams Do Come True…

  1. We will soon be at the Happiest Place on Earth with our posse. I so agree with you, I LOVE Disney (on both coasts). Especially when I see the faces of my children as they take it all in. We’ve been there many times and it is still magical every single time. It’s still magical for me! We did not make the trip last year and we really mised it. I also agree 100% with your igloo activity level. I gladly offer my services as official photographer when my less sane family members choose to enjoy the snow, but I do not willingly go out into the cold wet whiteness myself. Blech!

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