There’s a blizzard going on up here.  Tomorrow will be spent with seven children with cabin fever as we practice our math facts, watch movies and eat a lot of food.  School has already been cancelled.  My clinic will probably close tomorrow night (I hope so anyway).  I LOVE snow days.

We’ve been working through some things in our home that have to be kept private for now.  I can honestly say that FPD and I are exhausted, and this has definitely been the most difficult time we’ve experienced with our kids.  We would love to have your prayers for our kids.  We’re rapidly approaching the one year mark and I think it’s hitting our kids that they really are here to stay.  Overall, we’re so blessed that they’re here, right now that’s all that matters.  The rest will will work itself out, I know that.

who says…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  

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