Dessert, FPD

Three Men and an Igloo.

FPD is currently driving to a national forest five hours north of us.  When he gets there, he, my cousin and my soon to be brother-in-law will snowshoe five miles into the forest and build an igloo to sleep in.  It is eight degrees outside where we live.  They are insane!

He has spent the last month prepping for this.  He built a practice igloo in our backyard.  The neighbor kids have all been in it over the last few weeks, it’s the talk of the elementary school.  “Did you know the FullPlate Family built an igoo?  An actual igloo with a roof!”  I never wanted to be one of those weirdo families that everyone talks about, but we apparently are.  I have seven kids…and an igloo.  Again, insanity.

After building the practice igloo, FPD built a pulk sled.  I made inappropriate jokes about them having their own personal stretcher to pull behind them in case one of them froze solid.  Seriously, this is a little nerve-wrecking though, and not just because I’m alone all weekend with seven children and a weekend full of drum lessons, dance and swimming.  They’re somewhere where there is no cell reception, and they’re sleeping in an IGLOO!  Have I said that enough?  An IGLOO!

This is where FPDs idea of vacation and mine differ.  I’m pretty active too.  I run, I hike, I ski, but man, when it’s eight degrees outside I want to be somewhere where the warm sand squishes between my toes.  So while FPD is living in this…

This was made with the actual igloo maker that FPD is using.

I’ll be thinking about how he owes me a weekend away, to someplace like this…


who can smell the ocean already.  

1 thought on “Three Men and an Igloo.”

  1. Wait, wait. It’s not cold enough where you live, he wants to go 5 hours NORTH? And then sleep in the snow. Did I get that right? NO THANK YOU, SIR!! I live in snow and cold, there’s zero chance of me seeking it out for a vacation. As my youngest says “Boys are just weird.”I’m 100% on your page. Give me the sand and the ocean and I’m a happy girl. Now, the snowshoeing in and of itself, I love, but only for about an hour and only when the outside temps are closer to 40!


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