AJ, Ally, Jax, Juliana

A Little Love.

Bubbly got a lovely text from her birth family today in Ghana.  We texted back and hope they got it.  It was a lovely Valentine’s wish for her.  It made her day!  Thank you!

Giggles and ShyGuy loved their first Valentine’s Day.  Giggles had pajama day at school and had a blast making me about ten Valentines.  I love how our daughter is opening up.  ShyGuy felt bad that he didn’t make me a Valentine, so he brought me a frosted cookie from his party at school.  It had ridden home in a Ziploc in his backpack, so it had seen better days, but I savored it anyway.  He’s opening up as well.  GigantoBaby also blessed me with some candy from his goodie bag.

I feel very loved.  The Tiffany & Co. that FPD blessed me with also helped.

who hears the chocolate in the kitchen calling her.  

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