This is day two of no school for six of my kiddos because the school teachers in our district are protesting a Budget Repair Bill that takes away their rights to collectively bargain.  It actually affects all state workers, myself included, but up until now, I worried but hadn’t been directly affected by it.  After two days of having SEVEN children at home with me…I’m definitely affected…mentally.

Summer time with them at home is different.  I tell them to run and be free.  Being home with them in the winter like this is nuts!  We did a lot of reading and math yesterday, my attempt at homeschool.  Let me tell you, for those of you who do homeschool day in and day out, you people are my new heroes.  I can’t do it.  I have no clue how to keep them engaged, they want to go watch TV and my seven-year-old whines CONSTANTLY.  I guess that probably doesn’t happen at school, but man, it was unreal yesterday.  To all the teachers out there, you people should also be canonized.

You can’t fix a state’s budget by telling teachers, nurses, firefighters and policemen that you’re taking away their rights to bargain for fair wages.  You’re squeezing blood from a rock.  I’m very blessed to have the job that I do.  I get a fair wage, because my union makes sure of it.  I don’t have mandatory overtime, because my union makes sure of it.  I practice with other competent nursing staff, because my union makes sure of it.  Yes, my union makes it very difficult to fire people who maybe should have moved on and retired a while ago, but someday, I’m going to be that highly paid older person, and I sure wouldn’t want to be fired because of it.  I live in a lovely city, which is usually my own little utopia to this kind of crap.  Not anymore.  Please, please, please give us our lovely teachers back!

who is at her wit’s end.  

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  1. FWIW, having your kids home out of the blue for two days when it’s not what anyone is used to is not a good gauge for homeschooling – that would make me nuts too (like being stuck inside during the blizzard, ugh). It’s just something people get used to over time, like anything else. 🙂 :)And I promise their brains won’t rot if you let them watch TV. *laugh* (Rachel knows more Spanish than my other 3 kids combined from Dora + Muzzy + Dora online + me)Hang in there!

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