Ghanaians on Ice.

We’re still out of school up here.  My kids miss school, but after really taking a look at the bill in dispute, the one that’s causing our teachers to not return to work, I understand what they’re asking for.  I’ve actually never been more proud to live in the city I live in.  We’ll be headed up to the Capitol tomorrow to give the kids a taste of what it’s like to fight for what you believe in.  Not that they haven’t seen that enough from FPD and I in their short lives.  You fight for it in Ghana, you fight for it in your hometown.  
Speaking of Ghana, the Duo received some happy news from their birth mom.  We send our congrats to her in Ghana.  The news is personal, but she now has the ability to access this blog as well.  We’re very happy for you!
It’s a FullPlate Family tradition to go ice skating for Valentine’s Day.  There were plenty of opportunities this week since we weren’t in school.  The Ghanaians took to it like a duck to water.  Some of the Americans are still learning.  
 Gigantobaby wouldn’t let go of this contraption.  When I talked him into it, he fell head first into the boards.  Oops. 
Do you remember how small she was last year?  Bubbly is getting SO big.
ShyGuy and Middle-Middle are like a blur on the ice.  ShyGuy had no fear about falling.  His pants were SOAKED when he was finally done.  The boy will try anything.  He makes me SO proud.
Giggles wanted to know if I could spin in circles, like in the Olympics.  The girl really thinks I can do anything.  Ummm…not that.

ResponsiBoy always has fun showing the younger kids his stuff.  He’s a good skater.

who loves her some democracy.

5 thoughts on “Ghanaians on Ice.

  1. I just wanted to say Thank You for writing your blog and making it public. I am a friend of Bill and Kara. I love reading about your adventures. I am also the mother of 2 adopted children, though they are both African American and adopted domestically. They are still young (31 months and 18 months), so it is nice to see your insight into the kids as they grow older. Good luck and thanks for sharing!Carrie

  2. Man, your still out of school??!!! I think I’d go crazy. I’m barely surviving the holiday today and it’s only 10:00 am. Looks like a fun time ice skating. We haven’t taken Lizzie yet, but she keeps asking.

  3. Hi Carrie,Thanks so much for the kindness! And, any friend of Bill and Kara’s is a friend of mine. Kara has seen me at my worst, and had to lift me up MANY times, as we traveled this crazy road of adoption. My domestically adopted kids are doing BEAUTIFULLY. Our new kids will catch up, they just need time. Congrats on your beautiful family!–FPM

  4. Hi Amy, You should take Lizzie. It was SO good for Bubbly to get out there and use those muscles. She craves that kind of activity. Whenever I talk to Donald, they sound A LOT alike. We just try to keep our girlie occupied. It helps her regulate all that sensory stuff that she’s still working hard to overcome from her time at LH. We’re getting there.–FPMP.S. The kids are back in school today! YAY!!!!

  5. I remember ShyGuy barreling down the hill by the soccer pitch on that little red bike. He was giggling the whole way down, and nearly gave me heart failure more than once. He went SO FAST and just kept going until he ran into something that would stop him. He really isn’t afraid of anything!We’ve never taken our kids ice skating. That might be something fun to do before we leave the land of snow and ice.

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