Ask a Mormon (not me).

Shannon is letting people ask her anything they want to about being a member of the LDS Church.  This is a good opportunity for people to ask what they really want to know, like the important stuff, like what’s the deal with their underwear?   I’m kidding!  She did answer that question though.

I’m not a member of the LDS Church, but I think most of them are pretty normal (I said most, there are always a few weirdos in a crowd, we have them at our church too).  So, if you want to know why they put Jell-o in their carrots, or why they don’t drink Coke, ask away.  I’m kidding!  As Shannon would tell me, that’s Mormon culture not doctrine.  Seriously though, for all you people in my neck of the woods, who may never have met a Mormon in your whole life, now is your chance to read a little about what they really believe.  It’s pretty much the same thing most Christians believe.

who is off to find something from MSNBC to post just to really annoy Shannon’s husband, Rob.  Tee hee.

4 thoughts on “Ask a Mormon (not me).

  1. You are a filthy, nasty beast. Just kidding. 😀 You won’t annoy him; he’ll just go to Fox News and counterpost. *grin*Seriously, though, fellow Plate readers, stop on by. 🙂 No sincere question refused! And yes, I did cover magic underwear already. *laugh*(Holy Hannah, even funnier – my word verification for this post was “undiess”. No joke!!)

  2. I would like to go on record as saying that while I am LDS and live in Utah, I have NEVER eaten jello with carrots in it. That’s just plain wrong, no matter what you believe!Thank you for saying that most of us are pretty normal people!

  3. @H Family…but have you eaten funeral potatoes? I hear about those all the time as well. What are funeral potatoes anyway? @exmish Oh, Fox News, how I loathe you lately, but I’m glad to live in a country where any idiot is allowed to get on the TV and speak freely. Seriously, I’m glad. They have a right to their opinion. It just raises my blood pressure a little lately. That’s politics for you though. I usually don’t get involved, which is probably a bad thing since this new “legislation” ( and I use that term loosely) is now really affecting our family’s livelihood. I should educate myself before we get to this point next time. Ah well. I hope you get some good questions!

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