Happy Birthday Giggles!

So, I am mom to a nine/ten year old.  If we were in Ghana, Giggles would be turning ten, and according to her new U.S. birth certificate, she is now in the double digits.  But, all her medical records from Ghana say she is nine.  So does her dental exam.  So, Giggles is living her ninth year of life twice.  Her pediatrician agreed to change her medical records to indicate she is nine because he firmly believes she is.  The judge for her re-adoption didn’t agree.  We don’t know what to do with her age since we don’t really know what it is.  I don’t want to take away the age that she might truly be, but I also didn’t want to put her a grade ahead in school when she is already the smallest child in her class (by far).  So, later, I guess she’ll get to choose.  It will only be a problem if she plays college athletics.  For now, we tell everyone that in the U.S. she is nine, Ghana will always think she is ten.  Ah well.

She had a wonderful ninth birthday.  We had a pizza party on her birthday and we went throw back skating today.  I skated on actual roller skates (not rollerblades) for the first time since…hmmm…the eighth grade, maybe?  And, we gotto skate to some really awesome ’80s music!  Giggles had a blast!  She loved ice skating, but likes roller skating even better.  She says it’s not as cold.  So true, and so important for a girl from sub-saharan Africa.  We love you, Giggles!  And, we’re so blessed to get to call you our daughter!

who really loves whipping around the rink to Michael Jackson tunes.

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