One Year–When God Hands You Plan B.

A good friend and I were talking today.  This week marks one year since I returned to the U.S. accompanied by my two newest children, after a four week ordeal that was like something that one could only find in a major motion picture.  My kids were here, and they’re great.  For others, a whole different kind of ordeal was beginning.  There are some people that are still picking up the pieces of what was lost when we all discovered just how badly we had been lied to.

For a year, we’ve all prayed, watched and hoped that miracles would happen.  As I sat here, getting ready to type about the miracle that is the one year anniversary of bringing home Giggles and ShyGuy, I got a call that we’ve been praying for  It doesn’t matter how many ups and downs we’ve had.  It doesn’t matter that the three that came from the orphanage that is no more have a long way to go to heal.  None of it matters.  They’re here, and on the one year anniversary of their miracle, someone else finally has theirs.  Is it appropriate to go into a giant Oprah-style ugly cry?  I’m already there.

I’ve often wondered why God allows suffering.  How did my kids get here when so many others didn’t?  How do I have SEVEN adopted children when some people struggle to adopt one?  My good friend, who will forever be bonded to me by what we all endured over there, reminded me that God can’t fix all the world’s evil.  People have free will, some people choose to use it to tear others down.  We can only pray to the God who waits in the wings, with a plan B that will be the answer to everything you’ve ever wanted, because He knows what is right.

For the families that have been devastated by what happened in Ghana, God has handed out plan Bs like they’re going out of style.  Words can’t express how grateful I am for being allowed to witness it.  After all the horror, the abuse and the lies we all had to endure, there is hope.

who can’t think of a better way to celebrate one year with her miracles.  

3 thoughts on “One Year–When God Hands You Plan B.

  1. Miracles indeed!!! But then Plan B isn’t really plan B. It’s Plan A after all. In the end it’s the one we would choose over and over, no matter how difficult. It just takes us awhile to realize it, right?! 🙂 Happy one year!

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