All My Children…

This is just the title of this post, but in unrelated news, I’m sad to see this show is being cancelled.  I used to watch it in my lonely adolescent summer days.  I remember Kelly Ripa when she was angst-ridden, goth, Hailey Chandler.  Sad.  Mostly because ABC will probably replace it with crappy reality television.  

I hate reality TV.  On a good note, it forces me to turn off the TV and read more.  I don’t think I’ve read so much in a LONG time.  

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…


My boys on Easter.  I LOVE being mom to boys.  No drama.  They punch each other and it’s over.
I don’t condone violence, but there’s a lovely simplicity to these kind of interactions.  
No muss, no fuss.

There’s something about my girls that brings me joy too, even on those whiny, drama-filled days.
Giggles is becoming a true companion, Bubbly is healing slowly but surely and the Diva is my baby 
(even though she would protest that title vehemently).
She’s more than a little naughty as well.  
Secretly, naughty 3-year-olds make me laugh.
who is probably the only mom in the world who mourned the loss of having a child in diapers.  It has been almost a decade of diapering.  Where did the time go?

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