I’m not talking about a disease sweeping through our house.  In this instance, I’m talking about lying.  This disgusting habit has become totally infectious in our home.  Be warned, I am raising a passel of tiny little liars.  I have been called to school three times this week about lies my kids have told.

It is becoming embarrassing.  

I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s not the Ghanaians who are the guilty party.  It is two of the children that I have raised since infancy.  
This makes it even more embarrassing.
There is no way to pass it off as an “orphanage behavior” because they’ve never lived in an orphanage!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I think all the pathological lying that ShyGuy does has certainly contributed to the idea that if you are in trouble then you should definitely lie your way out of it.  Or, better yet, if you really want to win at a contest, you should just go ahead and cheat.  Yes, sadly, these are the issues we have had to deal with this week.  
FPD and I are pretty honest people.  Heck yeah, I’ve told my fair share of white lies (no, you don’t look fat at all, or, yes, I love my bridesmaid dress for your upcoming wedding), but when it comes to the big stuff, I would NEVER lie.  I’m honest to the point of creating problems for myself sometimes (hello to all the families who watched my last adoption.  It wasn’t pretty, but I was honest).  So, where on God’s green earth did my kids get the idea that it’s okay to lie?   

I really, really hope that this is a phase and that with all the consequences my boys are facing, and all the talks we will be having about the importance of honesty, that they will come out of this.  Otherwise, I’m raising a bunch of sociopaths.

who really doesn’t want to see her kid’s face on America’s Most Wanted.    

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  1. It’s a phase. Totally. Right now my youngest is the worst – she will lie to my face about something she knows that I know for a fact is not true. (e.g. No, you may not have another popsicle because yes, you already had one. I know this because I GAVE you the first popsicle, watched you eat it, and you still have a ring around your mouth.)But my other three went through it too.What seems to have helped them (and may not help anyone else) was when I told them that no one was in trouble, I just needed the truth. When they saw that I meant it, they started being a lot more forthcoming with the truth. (And then it was my job to follow through with the “not being in trouble” part.) One thing that only kind of worked was “none of us are doing _______ until I get the truth.” (e.g. going to the park, having dessert, etc.) I had it happen more than once that one of the kids would make a false confession (and even told me so!) just so they could do _______! *laugh*It took awhile for the “little boy who cried wolf” moral of the story to sink in, but I think eventually they got tired of being doubted all the time and decided it was just less hassle to tell me the truth to begin with.And it’s funny how they don’t realize we KNOW when they’re lying! 😀

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