It’s Snow-ing in Utah!

Not literally, but the adoptive family of the two little boys that all of us ex-Luckyhill parents and volunteers have come to know and love (but shall remain nameless) have posted to their blog!

For all of you who emailed me about our two smallest friends from Luckyhill, you can now go and see how wonderfully happy they look.  Remember these boys?

Bubbly and her best friend getting ready for church.  They have both changed SO much since this was taken in March of 2009.

Such a sweet boy!  He looks SO much older now.
As I was leaving work tonight, after a long shift, I picked up my cell and saw a voicemail from the boys’ new mom.  I pressed play and I heard a voice that I would recognize anywhere.  It was my little friend pictured above.  I had to pull the car over and cry.  People, I swear to you, I NEVER cry except in Ghana, or apparently, about Ghana.  The voice on the other end of the phone sounded SO happy.  Words can’t express how good this makes me feel, and after absolutely every roadblock possible was thrown at this family to try to stop these boys from getting here, where they belong.  
They’re here now.  So, go and see for yourself, because if you doubt that there are miracles, you won’t after you read their story and see their happy faces.  
who loves a happy ending.  

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