A Recap.

I haven’t blogged in fo-evah!  Summer is supposed to be a time to cool our heels and relax, right?

Not so much.

At least, not a Full Plate Manor.  The Ghanaian-Americans all have summer school/tutoring.  ShyGuy still doesn’t read at grade level, thanks to the fine education that Ghana offered him, so he qualified for summer school.  We pushed until they let Giggles go with him.  Bubbly will continue to go to school year round, mostly because Bubbly and transition don’t go well together.  Good news is the preschool we’re sending her to this summer has expertise in working with kids who have PTSD and other emotional disorders.  Can I just comment on how sad it is that a preschool can specialize in something like that?  Other good news is that they say she is SO smart that they want to put her in the class ahead.  Bad news is that her behavior is holding her back from actually doing that.  Bubbly escaped the teacher and hid in the playhouse on the playground.  They couldn’t find her for nearly thirty minutes, which was long enough for me to get a phone call that made me practically foam at the mouth with panic.  It was awful.  She’s fine.  Other bad news is that I practically need to take out a second on my house to afford this preschool, which lost my child, but specializes in working with children with PTSD and other emotional disorders.

She’s getting better though, we can see it happening a little bit every day.  She also cracks us up with her wicked verbal skills.  She and Gigantobaby are hilarious!  They have a love/hate relationship that involves a lot of arguing.  I usually find it irritating, but occasionally I’ll listen from the other room and bust a gut laughing at their debate skills.  Since they face certain doom if they get into it physically, they’ll sit around and just debate for hours.  “You did it!”  “No, you did!  I saw you with my eyes, which is proof. I saw you put soap in that babies hair!  Stop trying to frame me!”  Uhhh…frame you?  Have they been watching Law and Order while I’m not looking?

I have to post some pics from the big events in our lives since I’ve been gone.

The eldest two boys joined the Drum Line at our local Boys & Girls Club, where 95% of the kids are African-American.  It has been awesome experience for them!  
ResponsiBoy takes it VERY seriously.
ShyGuy on graduation day.
Hugging the Kindergarten teacher that has touched so many kid’s lives.  This  teacher is AWESOME!  He taught a little boy who HATED school to love it.  Then, he made sure he would be teaching ShyGuy’s summer school class too.
My brother is getting married today.  Our shoes are all shined and the girlies are all braided.  I’m in the wedding and FPD is doing a reading.  I’ll make sure to post pics.

who sees a curly updo in her future.

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