Can you help?

I have to admit that after the disaster that was Luckyhill, I have been extremely jaded.  I don’t hand out money to any charity without some serious questioning, which I should have done before giving any to the so called “children’s foundation”.  I prefer to give money where I can see a direct impact now.  I’ll give money for a specific child’s surgery, or sponsor a individual child to go to school.

Dorothy, aka (Sub)Urban Servant linked this blog…

Oh my gosh!  I remember little boys just like Elijah when I was a Peds Heme/Onc RN.  I remember what it was like to watch their families suffer along side them as they went through transplant.  It rocks your world.  You can’t work, your other children take a backseat to the current crisis, and you wonder whether or not your child is going through this just to end up losing the battle.  
If you go to the blog and click on ‘ways to help’ you can see where the mom has requested gas cards.  What a simple thing to do for this family!  You know your money won’t be squandered, and you’re helping a family in crisis.  
who will pray for Elijah as he hits Day 0.  Bone marrow day!  

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