When you’re from a place where it’s not okay to be gay.

Giggles is a girl who watches, learns and takes in everything she sees.  She was aware of the idea of same sex couples before she came to the U.S.  When she arrived, she was introduced to some of these couples in real life.  She wasn’t very tolerant.  It was embarrassing.    

It’s not that she was outwardly rude.  She was shy, and had A LOT of questions later.  The questions involved whether or not the two people in the relationship would spend eternity ‘burning’.  
She meant…in hell.  Oh man.  
So, we explained to Giggles what we believe about hell (not a whole lot) and how we don’t believe that someone would ‘burn’ just because they love what society views as the “wrong person”.  I know, I know.  We’re Evangelical Christian.  Well, we’re not that kind of Evangelical Christian.  We’re the kind that doesn’t spread hatred.  Believe what you want, but I won’t teach my children to shun anyone.  The bible is open to all kinds of whacky interpretations.  There are some people who believe the bible tells them that black people are automatically less than white people.  Hmmm…can’t say I buy into that garbage either.
I’m rarely critical of my children’s homeland.  I can see the beauty, and the tragedy, in the country they came from.  THIS is too much though.  This is what the government of my children’s former homeland is spending their time on…
To be fair, the article says that no one is quite sure how President Mills feels about homosexuality, because he won’t come out and say.  He won’t discuss whether he made these comments or not.  I also have to say that journalism in Ghana is largely unregulated and you can pay a Ghanaian journalist a little bit of money to write a lot of garbage.  So, who knows?  
I do know that this is unacceptable.
The above article is from the BBC, probably a little more reliable, but still, British Journalism isn’t without bias either.  Take from it what you will, believe what you want, but I really don’t like the direction this is headed.  Ghana has always been a leader in Africa, on the forefront of better things; a stronger economy, promoting education, helping the underserved….
Now this?
Are you really going to start a witch hunt, Ghana?  Really?  Because you don’t have any other problems to deal with?  Let me tell you…you do.  Sexual abuse of young children is RAMPANT in your country, and usually occurs at the hands of STRAIGHT men.  Deal with that first.  While you are improving your educational system in your country, you have a long way to go.  Deal with that too.  And, many, many people still rely on foreign aid just to eat.  This needs to be dealt with as well.  All these things should rank well above the need to flush out your ‘underground gay community’.
Let’s pretend for one second that the figure in the article is correct, and 8000 gay people really did register with AIDS charities in Ghana.  8000 gay people?  As compared to how many straight people?  I would be willing to bet my last charitable contribution to your country that there are far more NOT GAY people with HIV/AIDS in your country than gay people.  Gay people are not spreading AIDS in your country.  AIDS is NOT a gay disease.  We figured that out in the 1980s.  It was a lesson learned the hard way, at the expense of an innocent boy.  Don’t make the same mistake, Ghana.    
Giggles obviously doesn’t surf the internet, so we won’t be discussing this with her.  I’ll wait until she is old enough that she can see the parallel between what Ghana is supposedly doing right now (accusing people of being gay and then attempting to prosecute them) and another important event in U.S. history
who REALLY hopes this is all a mistake.   

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