Eight is GREAT!!!

Middle-Middle turned 8-years-old earlier in the week.  How do you describe how much you appreciate a boy that is both your joy and the bane of your existence?  M-M wouldn’t have been an only child no matter what God chose for him, but he was adopted into a family of seven children and still acts like an only child.  
He has an absolutely wicked sense of humor and cute little face that protects him from getting the kick in the pants that he most often deserves.  
We love you M-M.  Thanks for NOT choosing Ch*uck E. Che*ese for your birthday party.  I love you even more, just for that.  
The eldest four, swimming off into the sunset.
The Diva.  My baby is SO big.
On the diving board.
In action.
The splash.
Coming up for air.
Presents, because what else counts on your 8th birthday?
who thinks eight might really be great.

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