Come for a Hike with the Full Plate Family

We camped this week.  We’re back now.  We’re alive.  No one was eaten by a bear, mostly because there aren’t any where we camped, but stories about them abounded, and I may or may not have hid in the woods to scare the tar out of some of the older children by making bear noises.  Come on!  It was funny!

We went camping in a state park that has abundant hiking trails.  Hiking is an activity all of us can do together.  It also gives Bubbly a mission.  She has to focus on getting to the end of the hike.  What can I say?  The girl needs structure.  Walking for two to three miles is about as structured as it gets.  She’s a trooper and it’s good bonding time.  She incessantly points out all the nature-y things she sees and we tell her how cool they are.  It’s good.

Do you want to see what it’s like to hike with seven kids?  Come on.  I’ll show you.

Are you in good shape?  Oh good, because this little girl is cute, but she will walk about ten feet before she tells you her feet hurt.  You’ll spend the next two miles carrying her on your shoulders or giving her a “tiggy back”.

If you say no, she’ll just stare at you like this….

What do you mean you won’t carry me?  Unacceptable.  Commence weeping, so we carry her, because after seven kids, we’re suckahs like that.

About half a mile in the clamoring for snacks will begin.  “But we KNOW you packed granola bars?  Can we have one?  How about some trail mix?  PLEASE!!!”  You would think they were never fed.  They are.  No worries.  We’ll make them go to the halfway point before handing out snackage.

FPD will show you all kinds of cool things, and Giggles will listen intently.  The other ones, not so much.

When you get to the top of the bluff, you’ll have to pose for the obligatory picture.

Then we’ll make you hike back down.  Along the way we might find some other cool stuff.  Maybe there will be a vine to swing on.  We’ll be there for twenty minutes because EVERYONE has to have a turn.     

Odd and random injuries will inevitably occur.  FPD might get hit in the ear with a stick from a low hanging tree branch (well, low is a relative term since he is 6′ 4″ tall).  The branch will puncture his ear drum and he will have to have it repaired by ENT.  Yes, that happened.  No worries, we kept right on hiking.  He’ll see ENT later in the week.

We’ll get distracted when we find a cave to play in.

But, the biggest miracle of all will occur when there is actual photographic evidence that I was on the hikes at all.  I made it into TWO pictures people.  TWO.  I really do exist.

Are you ready to hike with us next time?  It’s endless entertainment.  There’s really never a dull moment.

who wouldn’t have it any other way.

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