An Advocate.

I haven’t posted in so long.  These days, life involves just trying to keep my head above water.  All in all, the kids are doing really well.  Bubbly has started 4K and seems to be doing great.  All reports so far are excellent.  It makes me think we’re on the road to true healing.  I’m almost afraid to hope for it though.  Sometimes, when I do, that’s the time when we have a major backslide.  Lately, the backslides don’t take us back as far as they did at the beginning.  Lately, they aren’t nearly as traumatic.

We continue to advocate for her, and all the kids, with the school system.  It’s sad that we have to fight this way.  For the first time, I understand the decision some parents make to home school.  I see the benefits and drawbacks to both.  We haven’t gotten the help for Bubbly that she deserves.  If she didn’t have what she does at home, along with the great teaching staff at the school, she would be another kid falling through the cracks.  The administration in our district is a joke.  She has FPD and I to advocate for her.  She has teachers who are doing their very best with the little their given.

Not all kids have that.  Part of the problem is that because she has such a loud mouthed mother, the system assumes that she doesn’t need anything else.  The Support Services staff continues to ignore our pleas for a plan for Bubbly.  She won’t be getting an IEP, which is both a blessing and a curse.

I try to look at the bright side of the situation.  Even though it seems so backwards that she is receiving less because she has parents that are involved and advocating for her, we will get her where she needs to be.  When we do, we’ll know that we did it.  I take some pride in the idea that we will have struggled, fought and eventually she will have won.  
Now we just need to get to that place.  
who will take ‘so far, so good’…for now.  

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