Make It Monday: You know you have girls when…

your second bathroom looks like this.

In an effort to motivate myself to complete some of the unfinished projects I have laying around the house, and because I’m obsessed with Pinterest, I decided to start ‘Make It Monday’ around here.  The theory is, if I have to show you what I made every Monday, then I’ll have to make something.  Sounds good, right?  We’ll see if it actually works.
The above picture is of the corner of our second bathroom, the ones the girlies all share.  It has a garden theme with butterflies, dragonflies and a lovely pastel (mostly lavender) color scheme.  I make all the girls hair bows and flowers.  Well, some of them are from the Dollar Spot at Target.  I dismantle them and attach a lined alligator clip, because those plastic barrettes just don’t work in brown girl hair.  Prior to adding the decorative hangers pictured above, all these lovelies were just shoved in a drawer.  It was driving me nuts!
So, I made this…
Sorry, I don’t remember where I saw the tutorial, but it’s just an embroidery hoop with ribbon and tulle hot glued to it.  
The one below came straight off of Pinterest though.  The button to ‘follow me’ is on the left.  The tutorial is pinned on my ‘For my Girlies’ board.  You know, just in case you have hair accessories coming out your ears.  

That’s it for this week’s Make It Monday!  Now go out there and make something (she says while holding her glue gun like a six shooter).

who feels very productive (well, for now anyway).

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