I consider myself tough.  I’m raising three girls who are so much tougher than I am though.  They are so strong that it makes me tear up.  After everything they’ve been through, the hardships they’ve had to overcome, they’re coming out stronger, better people.

I’m raising three girls who came from homes that were broken by men who chose to use and abuse either them, or their mothers in front of them.  That cycle of abuse ends with my girls.  My girls are tough.  Convincing all of them, but especially Giggles, that she is strong, and doesn’t need to depend on a man, has been an uphill battle. We tell her to hold on to her faith, which (not coincidentally), happens to be her middle name.

Giggles and I have sung this song together.  She sings with a wicked african accent combined with an awesome southern twang.

It makes me giggle.


I wanted lace, I wanted pearls, to be a princess like
The other girls.

But life came hard, to my front door. And I grew up trying
To even out the score.

Tough, I ain’t never been nothing but tough, all my edges have
Always been rough.

But Jesus loves me anyway.

Oh backbone, there ain’t nothing wrong with a woman that
Got a little backbone.

who is proud of her tough girls.  Jesus does love you anyway, even when you have to have a little backbone.  

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