Bigger Things.

In this season, as I madly dash around trying to buy Christmas gifts for seven children, I have to stop and remind myself that there are bigger things out there to consider.  This will be our second Christmas with the Duo and our third with Bubbly.  I remember the Christmas’ they weren’t here at all.  I remember the Christmas that I wasn’t a parent at all.  Those were bigger things.

FPD and I went through Christmas all alone the first three years we were married.  We had lost a referral of a little girl from Guatemala and we weren’t even sure we were meant to be parents.  On that third Christmas all alone, we swore that if we spent another Christmas without a child to call ours again that we would toss in the towel and just find a way to enjoy being us.  We got the call about ResponsiBoy on December 28th of that year.

For those of you who are waiting for your Christmas miracle, there are bigger things coming for you too.  I had no idea just how big those things would become.  I’m in awe of the plan that God had in store for us.  May God reveal the bigger things to you as well.

who continues to focus on those bigger things.  

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