Ignore it and it will go away?

**We’re now over halfway to our goal of $2000 for Hope’s plane ticket.  I’m awed by the mountains we’re moving.  Thank you!  Please keep spreading the word!**

I’ve gotten several emails asking me to share the story of how we found out about Hope and what made us decide to host a child who will need such major surgery.  The story itself is similar to the story of how we found all our children (yes, even though she’ll only be here temporarily, we consider her ours).  We were in the right place in the right time.  The amazing part of the story is that it could be anyone’s story.  It could be your family’s story.  That is, if you listen hard enough.

I am lucky to have a great support network of people online who all have families that look like ours.  One of the women I’ve had the pleasure to get to know has 19 children at home.  Yes, one…nine…NINETEEN.  She leaves her heart open to bringing home more children that need her.  She amazes me.  She posted a note about Hope needing a host family.

Here’s where the story gives me a little deja vus.  You see, I’ve been at this crossroads seven times now.  I read the post, just like I read the post about ShyGuy, Giggles and Bubbly.   Just like I got a call about Middle-Middle and GigantoBaby.  I saw the note and I thought ‘now’s not the time’ and ‘I’ve done my part’.  After all, I have seven kids.  Yet, a voice kept nagging me.  At first it was just a little voice, the kind that gnaws at you while you’re taking a warm shower, or climbing into your warm bed.  It’s the kind of voice that says ‘but you could help’.

I ignored it.  I didn’t want to hear it.

So, it got a little louder.

I heard it when I drove my kids to school and watched them skip off happily into their amazing classrooms.  It said ‘you could do this again’ and ‘you could change her life’.  I shook my head and drove to work, where the voice told me ‘you work as a pediatric nurse where you could bless a child with excellent medical care’.  I ignored it.  I ignored it until it screamed at me…”HELP!”.  I sighed, went home and showed FPD the little picture.

For the next couple of days, the voice nagged him.  He tried to ignore it, but pretty soon, the voice began to pester both of us at the same time.  It was persistent.

Some people can ignore the voice.  We, apparently, can’t.

For those of you who ignore it on a daily basis, we don’t think less of you.  In fact, we often wonder if we’re insane to have listened to it as many times as we have.  Can we do this again?  Can we give everyone everything they need?  What kind of sacrifices are we about to make?   Will this hurt us?  Will this hurt our children?

I don’t know.  I won’t know for a long time if we made the right choice.  I may never know.  I don’t know if listening to that voice has set us up for amazing blessings or serious heartache.  I do want you to think about this though…

If you stopped and listened to the voice, is there a blessing out there waiting for you?

For me, the answer was YES.  Seven times over.  
Soon, we hope to make that eight.  

who wants you to think about what you might be missing.  Adoption is amazing.

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