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Stop for YOUR One.

I don’t post a lot of ministry videos to Facebook.  Aside from my Catholic grandmother, we are the only Christians within our larger extended family.  While I use Facebook as a place for extended family to keep up with our family, the day-to-day happenings, I use this blog as a place to write about things that touch my heart.  Inevitably, those things relate to Jesus Christ and children, the children He wouldn’t ever want us to abandon or forget.

I write about tragedies that I can’t ignore.  I write about children who bring me to tears through their strength and their ability to overcome.  I write about this for me, but also for my own children.  I save every single one of these blog entries for them, so that someday my own seven children will understand my heart and how we became the family we are.

We became that family because we stopped for the one.  Over and over.  We stopped.

I’m proud of that.

I pray my children will learn and, when the time comes, that they too will STOP.

This video kills me.  It’s so hard to watch.  The story of the little girl with one leg left me weeping.  This quote touched my heart so much.  If I were as eloquent as Heidi, this would be exactly what I tell you I pray for.  

I pray for radical love to just rock this generation…. That they would just go out to the darkest places.  They would go to the brothels, they would go to the drug dens, they would go to the streets, they would go to the villages, they would go to the universities and they would STOP FOR THE ONE.  

Watch this video, be inspired, find your one.  Your one might be it Jesus Christ, or it might the one child that He wouldn’t want you to forget.  Whoever it is, just for a moment…STOP.

who knows that love looks like something.  

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