Hope’s visa was denied again today.  I can picture what the person looked like as they said it, because I’ve seen that face so many times.  I know they have a job to do.  I respect that job.  Seriously though, what is the problem here?

We have a family.  She needs a family.

We have medical care.  She needs medical care.

I’m ready to have her come.  Her birth mother is ready to let her come.

It’s not complicated.  She isn’t going to cost taxpayers any money.  She’ll only be in the U.S. temporarily.  During that time, she will not be receiving public assistance in any way.  FPD and I will be footing the bill for her entire stay here in the U.S.

Maybe there’s something I just don’t understand.  We weren’t told why the visa was denied.  We were just told to have the Coordinator for the program contact the Consular.  So, she will.  We’ll figure out what the issue is then.  Until then, all we can do is pray.  So, that’s what we do.

who is starting to have some Ghanaian deja vus.  

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