On My Heart on Christmas Eve.

It’s 6:30am on Christmas Eve.  FPD and I were up until nearly midnight last night watching Sports Center (yes, we’re Christmas-sy like that.  We don’t watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ or ‘White Christmas’.  We watch Sports Center) and wrapping what seems like one thousand presents.  Christmas this year has gone by in a world wind of activity.  We have seven kids.  They each have two to three teachers.  I work for four lovely doctors.  We have a large extended family.  It’s a lot of shopping.

It’s a lot to be thankful for.

We’re also thankful that we’re getting the opportunity to know a little girl who is, by all accounts, amazing. Hope is in Liberia this Christmas.  I remember the Christmas we spent without our Giggles, ShyGuy and Bubbly.  It wasn’t like the Christmas’ we spent without the four who came before.  They were all infants, and were all either not born or were living with foster families in the U.S. who were happy to have them, and showered them with love.

Bubbly spent her first, second and third Christmas’ in a place I would rather never think about again.  Giggles and ShyGuy spent every Christmas in Ghana pretending it was any other day.  There wasn’t special food, there were certainly no gifts.  It was just. another. day.

I’m in awe that we’re all here together.

I’m so thankful.  I just have to keep saying it out loud, because it is something I marvel at every single day, that I would have been given the privilege to parent these seven amazing little people.  Words just don’t do it justice.  There are six women and one man out there who gave me the most important gift in the world.

Their Child.

Someone else gave me that gift as well, in the form of a baby, on this day, many, many, years ago.

When I crab about all the wrapping, or I flip out because I was missing a gift for someone who probably won’t care what I got them anyway, I’m going to remind myself that nothing, absolutely nothing, is as important as celebrating what I’ve already been given.

That’s what’s on my heart this Christmas Eve.  May you celebrate what’s on yours.

who wishes you all a very Merry Christmas.  

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