Here’s to 2012

Happy 2012!  

To all the families who are waiting for their children, may this year bring your family together.  The FP Family will almost surely see some major change.  I can feel it coming.  We’re excited to see what that change will bring.

My resolution is the same as it always is, to be as present as possible and to NOT look to the future.  I don’t want to miss a moment of 2012 with my kids.  They’re just too amazing to wish any of this precious time away.

who is toasting you with a glass of bubbly.  

One thought on “Here’s to 2012

  1. If I learned nothing else in 2011, I did learn to embrace the adventures. Most of the best ones are not the ones we seek, but the ones that we must submit to. Sometimes it is terrible and painful and we scream our way through, but we come out smiling. And I agree- I don’t want to miss a single moment of 2012! I look back on the years when my kids were all so little, and I was SO TIRED and I know I wished they would grow up a little bit. Then they did, and I miss those days with my whole heart right now. But these Big Kids, they are something else. I feel so unworthy to be their Mother sometimes because they are growing into some fantastic people. And I get to see it all! What a blessing. That cheesy song “You’re gonna miss this”- Every single twang-y word is the truth!

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