Then and Now.

Giggles and ShyGuy two years ago in Ghana.

Giggles last month.

ShyGuy last month.

I look at these pictures and I’m stunned by how much the kids have grown and changed.  Stunned.  I’m also overwhelmed with gratitude.  As we approach the two year mark of the GhanaDuo’s homecoming, I’m all kinds of overwhelmed.  This is a tough time of year.  That trip was tough.  I am so blessed to have these kids though.

I was chatting with a friend a few nights ago.  This friend just adopted an older child and is currently living through the adjustment period that we lived through two years ago.   It’s hard.  It’s raw.  It’s emotional.  I chatted with another friend last night, one who went through the transition at the same time I did, and we both agreed that we would never want to re-live that time.  Ever.  For anything.

Now I’m looking at these pictures though, and thinking about what living in Ghana for those four weeks to get them out was like, and I realize I wouldn’t change one single second of it.  I messed things up right and left.  I will never be the mom they deserve, because they deserve perfection and perfect I am not, but I’m immensely humbled and grateful to have been given the lessons I was given and to have them as my children.

who didn’t see the plan then, but sure does see it now.  

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