The Day After.

The day after Valentine’s Day was even bigger than the actual day itself.  Of course we had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, complete with handmade Valentine’s that the kids worked tirelessly on, lots of chocolates and even a steak and lobster dinner by FPD.

The day after Valentine’s Day we talked to the kids about Hope and how we needed to keep praying for her, but that those prayers needed to be about us being able to get her the help she needs inside of Liberia.  The kids were sad, but okay with all of it.  They’re comforted, like we are, that this may be an option for her now. We talked a lot about how many times FPD and I had tried to adopt and failed.  There is now a child in Guatemala, Ethiopia and Liberia that we would have liked to call ours.  We talked about how all those losses made it possible for us to have the seven that we do.  Had we adopted from Guatemala we wouldn’t have our children from the U.S., had we adopted from Ethiopia we wouldn’t have our children from Ghana.  This led the kids to the next natural question.  What was Liberia leading us to?  They all feel so strongly that there is a child out there for us.  FPD and I mulled this over.

We think there might be two (and I don’t mean also).

who is ready for a new day.  

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