I feel two ways about being so scrutinized during the home study process.

1.  I understand it.  Someone has a huge job description that reads “decide whether this family should have another child”.  That’s a big responsibility.  So, come on in and look in my closets, make me have a psych evaluation and have me fill out your mountain of paperwork.

2.  I resent it.  People have biological kids all the time and never have to do this.

I waffle back and forth between those two feelings.  Adopting from a Hague Country is so hard!  Then, I remind myself that adopting from Ghana was SO hard.  It’s all hard, and, it probably should be.  I can honestly say though, I’ve never in my life given much thought to having a bio baby.  The Hague home study process has made me consider it.  For about two seconds.

who is drowning in paperwork.

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