Making It Work.

Bubbly has some special needs.  She now has a diagnosis of being somewhere “on the spectrum”.  In other words, she has Autism.  At first, I liked to think that I had just pushed for her to have that type of diagnosis so that she could get extra help in school.  I’m slowly coming to grips with the idea that she might actually have some symptoms Institutional Autism (yes, that’s a real diagnosis, read about it here).

A lot of Bubbly’s issues surround food and sensory issues.  She tends to want to put things in her mouth all the time.  She’ll chew the object until it breaks, then she’ll be sad that she broke it.  She occasionally still steals food rather than telling me that she’s hungry, even though she is able to verbalize that she knows there is always food waiting for her.

We have set some boundaries for Bubbly and made accommodations for her so that she doesn’t feel bad about herself.  Left to her own devices, Bubbly will sneak into the kitchen and eat anything that might be left on the counter.  Sometimes, it’s another child’s treat.  Today, she licked all the frosting off of Giganto’s birthday cupcake.  She was so upset with herself for doing it.  I don’t want her to feel bad about herself for things she can’t control.  So, while we doled out a consequence, we also tried to find a way to help her remind herself that she needs to come to us for food.  We drew a line (well, we taped a line).  She is not to enter the kitchen without mom or dad.  Problem solved, Bubbly style.

Tonight I went shopping for Easter basket treats.  Bubbly and Divalish love magic wands.  They’re all the rage at our house.  The Diva got the first one I found in the Dollar Spot.  It’s plastic though.  It would last about three seconds in Bubbly’s hands.  So, I searched high and low for one that was more durable.  The purple one is soft rubber on the end.  It will be hard to break and even harder to hurt a sibling with.  It lights up too.  She’ll be thrilled.
Slowly, every day, I’m moving toward acceptance of what Bubbly can and can’t handle.  Slowly, every day, she is able to handle more and more.  I pray someday we’ll meet in the middle.
who is proud that she and Bubbly are making it work.  

1 thought on “Making It Work.”

  1. Taiger likes to chew on things, too! Try getting her a chew tube…it has SAVED Taiger…and me, because he really would put EVERYTHING in his mouth. He HAS to chew on things, lick things, etc. Anyway, he does eventually chew the chew tubes until he chews pieces off (sigh) but they do last a good long while, and really seem to satisfy that urge and need to put something in his mouth. Good luck!


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