I Pray.

It’s raining at the beach today, but we’re not letting it dampen our spirits. FPD ran about 6 miles this morning. I got 4 in. I love to run. When I’m out there pounding the pavement I get time to myself. As you might guess, time to myself is a rare commodity for me. Even time to pray is limited before inevitable interruptions occur (Mom!!! She’s looking at me!).

Running gives me the perfect opportunity to pray on the go. I think about all that I’m thankful for and I send up a thought or two for people I know are struggling.

I have so much to be thankful for. The pictures in the post below give you a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about. As my feet pounded the road today, my thoughts were with all the families I met through LuckyHill. Every single one of them who continued on after the tragedy has now added to their family in one way or another. I sent up a prayer of thanks for that.

Some of our lives have reached major turning points. I was reminded this week what a roller coaster adoption, and life in general, are. So, as I ran in the rain today, with nothing but my thoughts to distract me, I prayed for all of you that are facing a crossroads. We love you.

who feels a little lighter, and a lot wetter.

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